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Paver FAQs

Your questions, answered.

  • What are pavers anyway?
    Pavers are attractive landscape elements typically made out of stone or brick. They're installed over a base. They interlock in various patterns to create a nice aesthetic look. Beyond their visual value, they're durable and functional.
  • Why should I install pavers on my property?
    Pavers are sturdy and beautiful! They really enhance the appeal of an outdoor space. They're very permanent, so if you want a lasting addition to your property that doesn't have to be repaired all the time, stone or brick pavers are a great option for you.
  • Where can I install pavers?
    Pavers typically need to be installed on a flat surface. Beyond that, you can install them in quite a few places! The most popular locations ar patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and retaining walls around gardens.
  • How long will my pavers last?
    Our pavers are designed to be permanent fixtures. Pavers can endure for centuries!
  • Should I seal my pavers?
    To ensure your pavers last a lifetime, we recommend sealing your pavers. This can be done every 2-5 years.

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